BEN Charity

BEN – Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund

BEN is the UK’s only charity for those who work, or have worked, in the automotive and related industries, as well as their dependants. They provide help by giving support and advice and making financial grants. BEN also provide nursing and residential care, housing for over 55s and have a day care centre in Coventry for older people.

BEN help people who work in the manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, commercial vehicles, caravans and agricultural machinery, as well as people who make, sell or import parts for all of these vehicles. They also help people in insurance, leasing and recovery and logistics organisations as well as the petroleum and lubricants industries.

BEN provide friendly and non-judgemental support and advice on a wide variety of issues, including:


 illness and disability benefits

 money worries


 mental health

 housing matters

They also make grants to people in financial hardship who need essential equipment, such as a wheelchair, or help to get over a short term hurdle, such as an illness. Ben can help with:

 white Goods

 disability equipment

 respite breaks

 clothing & bedding

 house repairs- when it is a health and safety risk

 general living expenses

 high priority debts

 deposits for motobility vehicles

BEN CAN’T help with:

 private medical costs

 private education fees

 top up fees for nursing & residential care

 business or family debts

 when a household has more than £4000 in savings

 if the employee is not a British Citizen

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