CUKRWP has ceased to operate!

The Chevron UK Retiree Welfare Programme has ceased to operate as of the 1st January 2017. It previously had some 2200 members organised by Ashley Sanders. More than 1300 pensioners have not yet signed the data protection form and are thus missing out. The Chevron UK Retiree Welfare Programme is only for past employees and their spouses who worked in the UK for one of the companies and still reside in the UK.
Some of our members also work for the Chevron UK Retiree Welfare Programme, the CRWP is a Company Sponsored Programme whilst the Association is an independent Organisation working to promote your interests with the Company. The Chevron UK Retiree Welfare Programme is sponsored by the Company and provides:

a) A person who can visit/contact Retirees and provide a  contact/assistance,

b) A bi-annual newsletter “Retiree News”,

c) Annual Retiree Lunches,

d)Over 80’s will receive a payroll Xmas bonus, of £45 and a letter.

Local Contact Persons

The Chevron UK Retiree Welfare Programme has a large number of Local Contact Persons (LCPs). There are too many LPCs to include here, so in the first case please contact  Ashley Sanders, phone 02077193087, email

Additional LCPs are required in all areas, if you would like to help please contact Ashley direct.


How to join the programme

To join the programme it is important that the Data Protection Form is completed by the ex-employee and spouse (if any), and returned to Ashley Sanders at 1 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, LONDON, E14 4HA, Not the address at the end of the form.

Data Protection Form if a Pensioner

Data Protection Form if a Qualifying Dependant

Retiree News

The editor of this quarterly bulletin is Mrs June Parham McCullough who can be contacted at or by phone at 02085497660. FYI June can’t put the Gulf logo on Retiree News because the company no longer own’s it.