Please help the Treasurer identify these members.

We are unable to trace :
Mr R Cameron Aitken, Mr Brian Barnett, Mr Chris C. Bryan, Mr Basil Coalston, Mr Brian B. Cockram, Mr Brian Giddings,  Mr D Greening,Mr Laurence Harrision,  Mr & Mrs R Jewers, Mrs MECS, WW Stiles, Mrs Daisy Read, Mr Fraser Richardson, TM Thomas,  JL Williamson, Mr Reg. Wilson,

can you please help with more information:
A. Lovell paid us for the first time on the 1st December 2014, and Mr John Herbert paid us for the first time on the 1st June 2016, we have no details about them.

Also Earthport Plc paid us £5 on the 14 March 2016 does anyone know who the member could be please.

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